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My Blogging Journey

True confession:  This is not my first time blogging.  I had a blog a few years ago on where I prattled on about anything that took my fancy.  I was completely inconsistent in both timing and subjects but I enjoyed it nonetheless.

When I re-started I found the landscape had changed.  Unless you did just want a small personal blog to put your thoughts out, there were suddenly a lot of things to learn – technical, design, business.  Blogs are no longer just blogs, they are part of a bigger business model.  For the uninitiated, it can be completely daunting and totally overwhelming.

Here’s the thing. I had not intended to blog about blogging.  I wanted to focus more on developing a life you want to be living rather than the one you think you should be living.  Or one that other people tell you that you should be living. There are a lot of sites out there and a lot of specialists and I had planned to leave it to them.  However, I’ve recently been helping a good friend get started. It made realised a lot of the bigger bloggers started a while ago.  Thing change.  Starting now is different.

More importantly, one of the mandates of this site is for me to pass on what I learn as I take my own journey both in life and in business.  I really believe that the more knowledge and wisdom there is, the better off we all are. So to leave out one aspect – and a big one at that – doesn’t feel right.

I’ve been on this journey. In fact, I am still on it.  So look out for a series of posts coming that tell you exactly what I have learned and the potholes that I have fallen into.  Hopefully, I can help you avoid them.

Feel free to ask questions and I’ll answer them if I know or if I can find out.  So if you have a question, drop it in the comments below.

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