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Fun ways to use Wunderlist

I love a good list. There’s something so satisfying about crossing things off as you achieve them. And Wunderlist is one of my favourite tools for that very purpose – you even get a preppy to cheer on your success.

One of my favourite things about Wunderlist is that I can have it on my phone, my iPad and my laptop so it’s everywhere I am. No excuses for not getting things done!

But Wunderlist can be used for more than just your daily To Do. In fact, I tend to write out my daily list. Wunderlist is my master tracker but I use it for several other things as well. Here are a few
fun ways you can use Wunderlist that you may not have considered.

1 – Shared Grocery lists

There are two awesome things about using Wunderlist for your grocery list.

First – if your partner has Wunderlist as well you can sync your lists. Ever sent your other half to the store only to realise you’ve forgotten to ask them to get something? Add it to Wunderlist. If they sync at the store (which I’d recommend) the new item will show up. Or whoever’s turn it is to go shopping, no need to write and hand them a list. Just make sure it’s on Wunderlist.

Secondly – A Master List. You can create a Grocery Master list that has all the things you get a regular shop. When you are planning for the next shop, you duplicate the list and update it according to what is needed. It serves as a check for each item plus you don’t have to write each one down You’ll more likely tick off things you already have.

2 – Tracking Expiry Dates

I have long struggled with things going bad in my fridge. Now use a list to track things and when they expire. I put a “due date” a couple of days before it actually goes off so I have a chance to use whatever the item is. Plus I can refer to it when I am planning my meals. You can also apply this to the freezer. You can’t always see what’s there having to dig to the bottom but if you have a list of what’s in there and how long it’s been there, you’ll be able to reduce waste.

3 – Fun Things to do

Do you get those emails that say “this show is on” or this exhibition is You read the email and you think that would be great, move on to the next email and you have forgotten about it. Some time later you see a poster and realise you missed it. Not anymore. You can forward the original email to your list and assign a date. You can use the date of the event or if it’s something that’s on for a period of time you can use the closing date as the due date. When you are planning your weekend you can refer to this list as things you want to do.

4 – Packing Lists

This is along similar lines to the Master Grocery List. I visit my family every couple of months or so, it’s a 6 hour round trip. There is a core set of things I always take with me. Some of these are not things I’d take on a trip involving flights (but if I can pack up the car I’ll take more). I have a Master List and then I copy it for each trip as there are usually some specific things I need to remember that trip – like gifts for the kids or something I picked up for someone.

Having a packing list makes such a huge difference to the speed at which you pack, it also helps you ensure you don’t forget anything. I used to always forget something. A different something each time. My belt. My makeup. Shoes. Sometimes it’s not a problem other times it’s a real pain. Having a core list of things I take has eliminated that problem.

5 – Goals

I have my goals written in many places, on my mirror, on my fridge, in the front of my main notebook and in Wunderlist. If I have it here, it’s always with me. Best part? You can assign a date. They say goals without dates are dreams so get your goals in and put a date to them. You can even include sub-tasks in Wunderlist for the actions you need to take to reach those goals.

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  • Fantastic post. I only just discovered wunderlist; have neen using paperless app for grocery shopping and packing.

    • Thanks Nina! I love Wunderlist, even if I just used it for Groceries I’d be happy. Thanks for stopping by.

  • THIS IS AMAZING. I have to get this!!! I can’t wait to use it… especially for the food expiration. So helpful, thank you!!

    • Thanks very much. It’s a great tool, I really love it. Thanks for stopping by!


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